As you aware the weather it is forecast to be around 40 degrees on Saturday with the main heat coming later in the day. UWALAC will implement our heat protocols as below. The competition will still go ahead.

We ask that parents on the long track/Circular track please arrive for roster to start at 7.45am sharp so that we finish earlier.

Please see the heat and hydration guidelines from LAWA that we follow here:

Heat Protocols

  • All athletes and parents please wear hats, sunscreen and bring water
  • All coaches have been sent the guidelines regarding heat and hydration
  • We have 2 doctors and a nurse available in our UWALAC tent
  • There will be iced water in bins and sponges for athletes to cool down their bodies at the end of both tracks
  • Extra shade tents will be erected
  • Ice water will be placed in the shade in 4 stations around the oval
  • Sunscreen will be at the desk


Changes to the program

  • For all the 1500’s boys and girls will run together in one race for each age-group, at the allotted time that comes first on the age-group program- apart from those listed all under 12’s will run the 1500 together at 8.35am.
  • U11’s- your 1500m will run at 7.50am. Please arrive at 7.45am and assemble at the 1500m start if you intend to run.
  • Under 16/17 that wish to run the 1500m will need to run at 8am with the U15’s
  • 200m Hurdles age groups will be run all together in a boys race/girls race at 10.15am
  • 300m Hurdles will age-groups be run all together in a boys race/girls race at 10.30am


UWALAC will monitor the heat and conditions and keep parents fully informed on the day.