Student Roster

UWALAC has introduced a student roster where ex-UWALAC athletes are available to do parent rosters.The student roster list is circulated to parents at the start of the season.

This student roster enables parents who are unable to do roster, can’t swap or simply would like to watch their athletes each competition a viable roster alternative.

It has worked very well at UWALAC providing parents flexibility and also enables our ex-athletes to continue their relationship with the centre. Our athletes are all very capable, reliable and skilled!

Please note that the financial arrangement is between the parent booking  and the student and is not the responsibility of UWALAC. Parents and Students are to negotiate their own payment and payment method.


Ex UWALAC Students who wish to be on roster

You must fill in the form and email it to    UWA Little Athletics Student Roster Form

You must be an ex-UWALAC athlete aged 15 years and older. If you are 18 years and older you must have a current Working with Children card.