Parent Roster Information

Why parents/guardians have to do a roster?
In order to achieve our objectives, we depend very heavily on parent participation. As a rule of thumb, 1 parent is required for every 3 athletes registered. Participation may take a variety of forms including coaching, managing, site officiating, equipment set up and pack away, assistance in the canteen or participation on our committee.
Parents not arriving for their roster cause delays starting an event and bottlenecks at each station. Logistically and emotionally, this can be frustrating to the athletes and parents who fulfil their obligation.
Accordingly, the Centre has a policy of excluding an athlete from competition and/or training if their parent does not participate or fails to fulfill their roster. Results of the child on the day will not be recorded if the parent fails to show up to their roster. This will also impact the ability of the child to be eligible for centre championship day, state events and end of season medals.

How the Roster works

The roster works on a week 1 and 2 system. Only one parent/guardian from each family needs to nominate for a roster duty. You pick a duty on registration and the centre emails out the full duty roster prior to the start of the season.

Every site and area has been carefully planned so that we have the right amount of parents to function efficiently and effectively with such a large number of athletes. It also enables our centre to be one of the earliest finishing centres in the state.

  • We begin our first weekend with parent roster 1. Parents on set up please be at McGillivray at 6.15am sharp. All other parents should report directly to their site at 7.50am after signing.
  • Please make sure you sign in for your roster in the orange roster files located at the information tent/stand and tent on the way to your site and on completion of your roster for the day.
  • All parent rosters are electronically tracked so we can account for parents on sites. Each area will have a site official allocated to help train new parents and make sure that all sites are run efficiently. Site Officials will be wearing bright green vests.
  • If your site finishes before 11am please see the Arena Manager or ask the announcer before leaving as other sites may need help.
  • Equipment Training rosters-. All equipment managers at training are required to wear an orange flouro vest that is located in the shed and sign on in the orange file in the shed.
  • Key officials sign in at the desk then get a l lime green vest, walkie talky and a file. The vests and files are clearly labelled in a box and the walkie talkies are in a bucket charged up and ready to go.

What if I can’t do my roster?
The rosters are accessible via the Stack Team App. You can either swap with someone on another week’s roster or send another family member along.
If you have exceptional circumstances please email the centre email with PARENT ROSTER in the subject line. Please do not call or text club phones or phones of committee members. We maintain the roster from one point which is through the club email address.
We also have a group of ex-athletes that are available to do roster duty for a small fee. This is circulated at the start of the season.

Roster Important Key points
1. All parents are expected to do a fortnightly roster except for special rosters which are identified as weekly as they are either shorter in duration or a specialised area.
2. Rosters are for a period of at least 3 hours per fortnight the only exceptions being set up/pack up/equipment managers at training
3. Set up starts at 6.15am
4. Pack up starts at 11am
5. If your site finishes early please report to the Arena Manager as other sites may need help
6. All parents must sign on and off in the orange folders at the information desk.

What if I am new and don’t know what to do?

Please do not be too concerned if you know little about athletics. Others will be in the same position. We have senior site officials and instructions to guide you through your task. Coaches and other, more experienced parents are always on hand to provide assistance. The first 2 weeks of the season we have officials and committee members helping whilst new families learn the ropes.

Roster Rules for sites and recording

Here are some important points for working on a site or recording on our results sheets.

  • Please mark out the record.
  • Please write names and numbers neatly & legibly.
  • If an athlete is absent on the day please write DNS on the sheet.
  • If an athlete competes, but does not recorded a legal jump or throw please a X.
  • In the jumps and throws please complete the BEST column.
  • Please let the athlete know if a PB is recorded.
  • Please note any spelling errors in the names.
  • If a record is broken or appears to have been set immediately advise the site official who will contact the Arena Manager who will attend to verify.
  • Make sure that markers/mats/bars are not touched if a record appears to have been set.

At the end of your roster please pack up all tents, nets and bunting. Place all the equipment back in the box provided and make sure your red or green site file goes in the Site File box on the information desk.