“Come and Try”

We welcome new participants to come along and give it a go.  We hope you will love it and register!

  • Under the insurance policy, non-members trialing before becoming a member are allowed two training sessions and one competition day.
  • Athletes must register for “Come and Try” via ResultsHQ
  • Please fill in your child’s information and indicate which training session and competition they are attending.
  • Please wear comfortable shorts and a t-shirt/singlet to train and participate.
  • All come and try athletes will be given a yellow vest to wear to training and competitions to identify them to coaches and site officials/recorders.
  • Please make sure that you make yourself known to the age group coach.
  • Note that participation in the come and try program does not guarantee a spot if the age group / gender becomes full.
  • Tiny tots do not offer a come and try due to the limited number of spots available.

Forms and Information

Come and Try Information for parents

Click here for our calendar of competitions and training information

Registration after the Trial

After the trial if your child would like to join you can officially register via the registration page.