UWALAC Uniform

The UWALAC uniform has changed. Our new uniform consists of a blue/green and yellow singlet and  blue shorts. These are displayed in the picture below. There are boys and girls  shorts however the baggier shorts worn by the boys can also be worn by girls. We are also introducing new long bike pants for boys that can we worn under their shorts.

Old UWALAC uniforms can be worn for training and will be on sale to all members at a cost price for that  purpose.

UWALAC families will have 2 years to phase in the new uniforms with all athletes required to be in the new uniform for the 2020/21 season.

Boys Bike pants and shorts

uwa men bpuwa men s

 uwa singletuwa girls shorts

Unisex singlets  Bike pants and  girls shorts

To see a full range of our UWA Clothing and prices please click here UWALAC Clothing 201920

Rules regarding Uniforms

The UWALAC Competition singlet  must have registration number and age tag affixed it.  The registration number is placed at the centre-front of the competition singlet, over the chest, with the age tag above it at the left shoulder and the new sponsor tag logo on the right hand shoulder. A white Tee-Shirt is permitted underneath the singlet for sun protection. Competition tops must be tucked into the shorts for all competitions. Athletes are not required to wear their uniform at training.

Please note registration numbers issued for the 2018/19 season will also be used for the 2019/20 season. Only new registrations receive new numbers.

Please write your child’s name on the front with a black laundry marker and their Centre ie UWA.

number placement on uniform

This above positioning of registration numbers and age tags is for normal  UWALAC centre competition and for most state events.  However, there may be some alterations for State-run events or and extraordinary one-off events.

Sponsors advertising logos, other than LAWA Sponsor’s logos, are not permitted on competition gear.


It is a requirement that all athletes wear shoes. For more information regarding footwear rules & spikes please see below:



For more information or to purchase a uniform email contact@uwalac.com