Parent Roster Roles

Roster Positions

If you are unable to attend your agreed roster position, you are required to arrange a replacement for your position.  The club is NOT responsible for finding a replacement. 

Your roster replacement can be another family member or you can swap with another person within the club.  You do not need to notify the club that you have a replacement; they just need to turn up and sign in to your position.   If you have exhausted all your options, you can contact the club to pay a $50 fee to source a paid replacement.  Please do this with at least 24 hours notice.

Summer Season

For a list of the parent roster positions allocated for the 2023/24 Summer season please see below. Please note: there may be occasions when, due to the needs of the club, you are kindly requested to move to another site or duty for a particular day.

Fixed roster positions refer to volunteers staying on a particular site or duty for the duration of the requirements of that duty.

Roster Roles Fixed

Mobile roster positions refer to the volunteers/coaches moving with the respective age groups on competition days.  Head coaches are present for age group trainings, but not necessarily for the Saturday competition.  It is the responsibility of the age group co-ordinator to ensure adequate mobile/cohort volunteers are available for competition days and communicating all relevant information to the mobile volunteers and the whole age group (WhapsApp groups are an ideal way to manage this).

Roster Roles Mobile

Winter Season

Winter season parents are only on roster once throughout the season and that is at the UWALAC run cross country event normally held on the middle weekend of the July school holidays.