Athlete Funding

UWALAC encourages and recognises those of its athletes who excel and who have contributed to the Centre and shown a commitment to their sport.

UWALAC will consider providing limited financial assistance to those athletes who are selected and/or qualify for the following events:

  • National All School Championships.
  • Australian Junior Athletics Championships.
  • Australian Senior Athletics Championships.
  • Under 13s Australian Athletics Championships.
  • Under 15s Australian Athletics Championships.
  • LAWA International Championships.
  • SSWA National Events


UWA Little Athletics Funding Form


Conditions for Eligibility

  • An athlete must be registered with UWALAC for the season in which the event for which funding is   sought.
  • The athlete must have been a member of UWALAC for at least 2 seasons including the season during which assistance is sought.
  • The athlete will have demonstrated a commitment to UWALAC either through his or her family having satisfied the duty roster requirements to the satisfaction of the Committee and/or a willingness to coach and/or manage younger athletes.
  • An athlete may apply for financial assistance on one only occasion each season.
  • If approved, the athlete will receive funding upon production of airline tickets or other documents demonstrating that interstate or international travel has been booked and paid for.
  •  Funding is available only for the above mentioned events which necessitate interstate or international travel.
  • Funding is to a maximum amount of $200 per athlete per calendar year.

Any decision on funding in a particular case is entirely at the discretion of the Committee after consultation with relevant coaches and managers. The amount of funding given to each athlete is entirely at the discretion of the Committee.