State Championships 2024

UWALAC is proud of all it’s athletes that represent the club at State events.  We expect all UWALAC parents and athletes to respect the official’s decisions and treat athletes from other Centre’s with respect. Remember good sportsmanship at all times and please thank all the officials on your sites or areas!

Athletics West Information on 2024 Championship Events

Athletics West Championship Website Link

WA State Track & Field Championships powered by Go For 2&5

Date :  22-25 February 2024
Location: WA Athletics Stadium
Entry: Entry is open to all Little Athletics and Strive members within the following age groups.
Qualification to enter State Championships: There is no qualification criteria for members to enter this event.

Year of Birth                    Age Group (Able-Bodied)
Born 2012                        Under 13
Born 2011                        Under 14
Born 2010                        Under 15
Born 2009                        Under 16
Born 2008                        Under 17
Born 2007                        Under 18
Born 2005 or 2006          Under 20
Born 2004 or earlier*     Open

WA State Championships Event Specifications

WA State Junior Track & Field Championships powered by Go for 2&5 (Athletes born 2011 or later).

Date:  8-10 March 2024
Location: WA Athletics Stadium
Entry: Entry is open to Little Athletics members within the following age groups.

Year of Birth      Age Group (Able-Bodied)
Born 2015          Little Athletics Under 9
Born 2014          Little Athletics Under 10
Born 2013          Little Athletics Under 11
Born 2012          Little Athletics Under 12
Born 2011          Little Athletics Under 13

Qualification to enter State Junior Championships: Athletes (able-bodied) must qualify to enter the WA State Junior Championships, through:

  • Achieving the entry standard at Little Athletics Centre (before midnight on the 5 March 2023) or
  • Metro athletes only: athletes who are ranked in the top 2 performances in the relevant event at their Centre are eligible to enter (ranking as at midnight on the 5 March 2023)
  • Country/North West athlete only: athletes who place in the top 2 at the 2023 WA Country Championships.

Link to Athletics West Information below.

WA State Junior Track & Field Championships – Qualification and Entry Standards Information

State Athletics Setup – UWALAC

UWA Tent

  • We will have our UWA tents set up at the Northern end of the stadium.
  • Our Championships officers over the weekend will be Sarah Hynes
  • Their contact numbers will be on the board in our tent
  • We will have an ice water station, sanitiser and sunscreen

Important Points to Remember

  • There is marshalling before each event 20 minutes for track and 35 minutes for field.
  • Announcers will not be calling athletes to marshal, so you need to keep notice of the time and make sure you get to the call room on time.
  • If events are running behind time, an announcement will be made.
  • If athletes from your event have left the Call room to compete, you have deemed to have missed the event.
  • If you have an event clash-see a clash officer so they can marshall for you and alert the call room for you.
  • Athletes are under the control of their parents for the States weekend.
  • Coaches will be around some of the time, but it is up to you to get to marshalling on time.
  • Leave enough time to park when returning and come back at least one hour before your scheduled event.
  • Keep your mobiles on in case a race has to be re-run

Programs & Start Lists for States

The start lists for states will be posted on the Athletics Website. These are normally only posted a couple of days out and are subject to change.

Athletics West Rules

Parent Roster

  • If you are rostered on for a Parent Roster position, please sign in at the TIC which is located at the 100m Start Line end of the arena on the grassed area.
  • For Track events please sign on 10 minutes prior to your Start Time so you can get a handover from the volunteer before you.
  • For Field events please sign on 35 minutes prior to the Event Start Time so you can get a briefing from the Chief Judge at your site.


Please make sure your athlete is in full blue UWALAC uniform. Numbers should be sewn or well pinned in each corner, so they are easy to ready. Your child’s name and Centre (UWA) should be written in black marker pen. Age-Tags must be fixed on side that has the UWA logo and can go over the logo if need be. Please check the footwear rules. Skins can be black or blue. If unsure check here

Map of Venue


National Progression

The Australian Little Athletics Championships will take place in Adelaide from the 26-28 April 2024. This is a team-based event for Little Athletics U13 athletes and athletes must nominate to be considered for the team. Little Athletics U13 members who have nominated will be considered for selection based on performances from either or both the WA State Championships (22-25 February) or the WA State Junior Championships (8-10 March). For the avoidance of doubt, athletes can choose to compete in either Championship, or both, and any results will be considered as part of the selection process. Athletes must be registered with the Little Athletics Program to be considered for selection.

This event is not a qualification event for the Australian Track & Field Championships, which will take place in Adelaide from 11-19 April 2024 as the WA State Junior Championships are conducted under Little Athletics Rules.