UWALAC Objective
Our objective at UWALAC is to provide a fun, safe environment in which all our little athletes are encouraged to participate in a full range of athletic activities and constantly strive to achieve their personal best performance.

How we Operate

UWA is one of the largest centres in the state and operates differently to some of the other centres in WA.  At UWALAC our centre operates as one giant club with all our individual age groups training as a group i.e. Under 7 Boys all train together and compete together moving from event to event with their coaches. Each age group has between 1 and 3 coaches. We also have specialist coaches that the groups rotate around at various training sessions. We cater for age-groups from U6 to U17. We also have a tiny tots program for 3-4.

Why we limit our numbers

At UWA we limit our registration numbers. This allows us to coach and service our athletes in an efficient manner. It means that we finish in a good time frame and it enables us to provide a fantastic coaching and competition atmosphere. We are one of the earliest finishing centres in the state.

Our Summer Competition Progam

We run on a 2 week competition and parent roster system i.e. Week 1 and Week 2 rotation. All our event calendars, competition calendars are parent rosters are available on the website. Our Summer season is from October to March each year. Registration is usually the first weekend in September and is online. All the information goes up on our website in August.

Parent Involvement
Little Athletics requires a large commitment of parent participation. It is the nature of the sport. All our parents are required to do a parent roster, which is approximately 3 hours once a fortnight. There are no exceptions to this rule and at UWA due to our large waitlists will actively monitor this roster. We have a student roster available (where you can pay a student to do your roster) for parents who for some reason cannot do their roster at any time. We encourage all parents to be actively involved in the roster however we do understand that on some occasions  you may require a student to cover you. All students on roster are ex-UWALAC athletes.


We aim to keep in constant communication with our members and to keep them informed.

At UWALAC we have a very comprehensive and detailed website that keeps our members up to date with all the centre’s latest activities.

Our Centre handbook provides all of the information you will need about our centre, competition and training, contact information for coaches and committee and special events. It is available on our website. UWALAC administration is in regular contact with parents via a fortnightly newsletter and through email. Coaches will also send parents regular information throughout the season.

Social Media

UWALAC is also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UWALAC and has a free app which is available to keep our parents and athletes up to date.

On Competition Days

During competition days we have a dedicated administration tent that is managed by our parent roster controllers. We have a message book and a change of address/email book for parents to write down any new contact information or messages /concerns they may have. Club Administration will then follow up. We also have a clearly labelled pick up box for any items that you have been asked to collect.  Our officials and coaches are easily found on competition days as they are wearing brightly coloured vests with their position or age-group on the back.

Winter Cross Country

UWALAC also runs a winter cross country program from April to August each year. This is held at different venues over the state. Training is held at McGillivray Oval. Information regarding winter normally goes up on our website each March. For more information click here


We hope you enjoy being a part of our great centre!