State Championships

State Championships, Fri 2nd, Sat 3rd and Sun 4th March 2018 at the WA State Athletics Centre.


  • U7-U8: athletes do not proceed to State Championships but compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at Zones competition. Medals are presented at Zones. Please note there is no hurdles event for U7.
  • U9-U15: see the table information under Zones.
  • U16 and U17: athletes do not compete at Zone Championships but are invited to nominate directly to the State Championships based on meeting established criteria in the competition year.  These nominations are to be done online. All under 16/17 athletes that qualify will be emailed regarding this. U16-U17 can pick a maximum of 6 events over the two days.


If you Qualify from Zones to States U9-U15

You will get an email if you have qualified from zones to states. You will then have to go into Results HQ and confirm that you want to participate in the events you have qualified in. Please note there is an entry fee of $10 per event for States.


U16/17 How to enter

Nominations are available through your family portal at

For instructions on how to enter see:

Nominations must be received on Midnight 22nd February. Nomination is through your HQ portal. There is an entry fee of $10 per event.


Parent Roster

State Championships it is one half day roster slot per family (if your child qualifies).  These are different to your UWALAC rosters and often longer.

It is the nature of the sport and if you do not wish to do a roster then please do not enter your child. Alternatively you can organise one of our ex athletes/students to do your roster.

An email will be sent out regarding state rosters once qualifiers are known. The roster will be done online.



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Please carefully check the States event timetable as it differs from Zones and there maybe events that clash.


Map of Venue

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